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Family board games are a great alternative to letting the kids sit on their games consoles.

I grew up in an age of board games and it was only in my early twenties I started playing games consoles.

“Family board games are great for education, fun and family bonding time.”

It’s about interacting with the kids, spending quality time together and it’s just a bonus that they are educational too.  Board games, card games, games played together can help teach patience, tactical thinking, sharing, spelling, numbers but most of all playing games together demonstrate to the kids how much love you have to share as you sit together as a family, as a unit and enjoy the moment.

We have a broad selection of games for the kids.  When my littlies are in bed my eldest and I sit and play games together, not every night but most nights.  It’s our routing, something as simple as card games or our newest edition to our collection which is Yahtzee I recently picked up from a charity shop in the exact same model that I had when I was young.

During the day it can create calm amongst the family by just spending time together doing something a little different.  It’s a great rainy day activity.

Seeing as Christmas is approaching I would highly suggest getting a board game or two in to enjoy.  If not sooner, see what’s online, what’s on offer, what’s at your local charity shop or buy and sell groups.

We’ve made it a tradition for many years now to buy a new game each Christmas.

It’s not just about competing or winning, it teaches children life skills.  There is something special about sitting together and playing.

family_board games

We were recently on holiday with family and they too are game lovers, it was a wonderful way to spend evenings, laughing, playing, laughing some more and nibbling on crips and enjoying a drink of wine or hot chocolate together as a unit.

I don’t think family board games should become a lost art.  It’s a vital part of growing up and this blog post is to remind you that there is a place in our lives for family board games!!