freeze bananas sliced into a ziplock bag

This may be my shortest blog post yet!!  If you don’t get round to eating bananas then get freezing them, save them, don’t waste them.

Frozen bananas are great in smoothies, they are also great in milkshakes, my favourite milkshake is simply bananas, milk and a few ice cubes.

Simply slice the bananas, pop into a ziplock bag, squish most of the air out and pop in the freezer!

When is it best to eat a banana?  The greener the banana, the better it is to help you absorb nutrients but then you have to contend with the waxy bitter taste.  As the banana ages, the antioxidants increase.

You can use bananas straight from the freezer, you don’t need a smoothie recipe or to stress about what to put in.  I make various smoothies, it usually depends what I have to hand, just add fruit such as berries (frozen are great or fresh), some banana, a splodge of yoghurt helps and fruit juice, some chia seeds or superfood green powder too.