Google Calendar Review

Being organised with dates and events can be quite a headache.  About ten years ago I could manage with just a calendar on the kitchen wall.  Then I progressed to a diary but kept losing it or forgot to check it.  Now I’m so much more organised with Google Calendar.

Admittedly I was apprehensive at first, as an electronic diary is a big adjustment but trust me when I say it is totally worth adjusting to!

So what makes getting organised with google calendar so great?

1. I have access to my calendar at all times, it’s linked with my gmail account, so I can access it on my laptop, tablet and on the move from my mobile phone.

2. You get reminders which you can set but I have them set to 30 minutes before the event.

3. You can share your calendar with other people including which settings they have access to.

4. You can easily set recurring events be it weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc.

5. There’s no waiting for a new diary for next year either, access as many dates as you want, I have a monthly activity I attend and they have just released the next 12 months dates so hey presto, they are already set in my google calendar!

6. You can set different groups and colour code them, for instance, blue for birthdays, purple for school events, yellow for personal dates, homeschool planning, work dates, menu planning…. the world is your oyster!

7. Editing is easy so if an event is cancelled or changed it’s simple to edit which makes it a lot tidier than a traditional paper diary.

8. There are lots of tutorials available on youtube to help you get started with how to use google calendar.

9. You can easily select public holidays for your specific country.  I have them selected but not always in my view as you can also change what displays on your calendar.

10. It’s not just events you can enter, you can also set reminders which can help if you are prone to being a little forgetful, or a lot!

11. There’s a search function too, so if you can’t remember when an event is due or want to know when you attended an event in the past you can search for it easily.

12. There are different display options for daily, weekly, monthly etc.

13. Navigation is super easy.

14. When you have events set and look at them on your mobile phone Google is clever and pops an appropriate image of the event where it can.  For instance, for diary/calendar entries for karate, it displays a karate top & belt, same for rock climbing too with a picture of carabiners and rope.

15.  The search function is really handy, you can search for example gymnastics and it will display past and future events or if you can’t remember a date for the summer BBQ then search it and it will display it for you!


There may well be more functions on Google Calendar that I’m not aware of but for me, it really works and the above reasons may just be enough to persuade you to ditch the paper and use an electronic calendar.


These are my personal opinions, I have not been asked to review Google Calendar, I just thought I’d share my knowledge!