let it grow wooden garden sign for a home made gift

I was feeling stuck for birthday present ideas for an awesome man who loves gardening.  He’s 70 and what do you get someone who most probably has everything they need?  I put my thinking cap on for homemade garden gift ideas that were something a little special and made with extra love!

A friend is renovating their cottage so with an off cut of their new flooring we got our wood burning tool out and my 11 year old daughter created this sign for the garden.

The history behind the wood was interesting too, it was 300 year old pitch pine from Canada.  Welsh slate was sailed across to the US/Canada and for ballast for the return journey they filled the boat with Canadian pitch pine.  If you don’t have access to such wood, free pallet wood would do just fine for the pyrography.

So this was an important piece of the homemade gardening gift.  It was part of the contents of an essential gardening kit.

Our homemade Garden gift idea included:

The ‘let it grow’ garden sign.
Lavender bath salts (to ease those aching gardening muscles)
Wooden nail brush.
A huge mug.

These items were wrapped & presented in a basket labelled ‘Essential Gardening Kit’.  We went for the rustic theme & wrapped them in brown paper and string.

This homemade garden gift idea was well received and certainly different, thoughtful and appreciated

This wasn’t the only gift we gave but if you are looking for inspiration for a homemade gardening gift that won’t break the bank and helps you with your budget then I hope this has inspired you.


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