My dentist advised me to use interdental brushes and to floss.  Perhaps I should have asked how to use interdental brushes but I hit the internet instead.  It can be the last thing that you want to do before bed but, trust me, it’s worth it!!

Would you prefer to start losing the health of your teeth, gums and jaw bone or would you rather have great dental health for the sake of a few minutes?

How to use interdental brushes:

Use the interdental brushes once a day, pick a time to suit you.
I prefer before bed so I sleep with clean teeth but there seems to be no hard and fast rule as long as you do it daily.  Set the habit and stick to it.

Use the interdental brushes between every tooth.

After the brushes then use dental floss between every tooth.

Now brush your teeth.

Job done!!

Here’s a video I found useful in my search on how to use interdental brushes:

It’s worth watching for 3 minutes, afterall, how much is the health of your teeth worth?

This video explains why you should use the interdental brushes and how to use them.  I think every dentist should play this video in their waiting room!!

Make the effort, it’s a small effort for big rewards.  You make the effort to make a cup of tea, put your socks on, then you can make the effort to care for your teeth properly!

Of course, the best time to brush your teeth is 30 minutes after eating.  Always brush your teeth in the morning and at night.  Avoid sugary snacks (not forgetting that sugary fruit either) and look after your teeth and keep smiling!





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