Pink and white flowers in a white jug for mothers day thoughts

It’s not Mothers Day until tomorrow but I feel like I have already started celebrating it and had a lovely morning with my 3 children that I feel very blessed to have.

Mothers Day can, however, be a struggle for so many of us.  My thoughts are with you if you have lost your Mother be it recently or longer term.  Some mothers are not in our lives due to a variety of reasons.  Some women have been mothering and have mothered.

Being a mum is a huge learning curve, it’s a journey, not a destination.

Behind every woman is a baby story.

Women who want babies, can’t have babies, planned and unplanned pregnancies, miscarriage, baby loss, still birth, grief for lost children and children that can’t be made or children blessed after a difficult journey.

Mothers day can be filled with joy or filled with grief.

Enjoy your day and think of yourself and others with kindness in your heart and love in your soul.

Remember with fondness what has been and could have been but fill yourself with love, not just for Mothers Day but every day.

This morning I have had a walk around some lovely shops by the sea with my three kids.  There has been smiles, giggles, skipping and climbing poles.  I bought some more josticks from one of my favourite shops we always love to go in.  We treated ourselves to a tiger French stick and some bacon from the local butchers and strawberries and raspberries from a farm shop.

Today is not Mothers Day but it feels like it for me.  I too am a woman with a story, like every woman, my story may be similar to others and different too.  I’m not sharing my story with you today on the blog.  I am however more than grateful to be blessed with the three children that I can hold in my arms and surround them with love, more love than I could ever have imagined.

Happy Day to you all, whether you are a mum or a daughter or are struggling or enjoying the thought of Mothers Day, emotions may be varied and many but in a general way, I just wanted to say, no matter what the day is, Happy Day to you all.