So many family’s camp and we are hoping to join the campers this summer.  I’m guessing I may not be the only person that will be new to camping!

Camping for family holidays can be a lot cheaper once the initial set up cost is spent.  Time spent outdoors.  Weekends away, as well as the odd week here and there and festivals, will build some great memories for the kids without breaking the bank.

Now is really the time to start thinking about budgeting for camping.

Think about what essentials you need, stuff you already own and can take with you and then if there are pennies left in the bank you can add to the stuff you would want in addition (and that will fit in the car).

In preparation, I have been keeping an eye out online for bargains and sales.  I know we need lots of basics and I’m saving up for a tent which will be the main cost.

If you are also considering camping this year then I certainly recommend checking websites for deals.

I recently checked a camping website only to find they were offering another 20% discount on all their stock including sale items.  I grabbed the bargain while it was there & now own enough sleeping bags and air beds for the entire family.  On top of that, I got a whistling kettle, torches and a lamp.

It’s about spreading the cost and keeping an eye out for deals.

Knowing what you want in advance and keeping an eye on your spending habits which can make all the difference.

I also bought my stuff online via Quidco which is currently my favourite way to shop online as I get cashback on the shopping I do!

Here’s my referral link for Quidco if you want to make a change in your finances too, by using my referral we both get a £5 bonus ….. quids in!!

Whatever your holiday choice, always keep an eye on your budget, don’t overspend but have fun.  Even staycations can be great.