Yes, I’m fully aware it’s only the summer but why not think about planning Christmas in advance?  Spread the cost of Christmas by starting now.  Keep an eye on your emails as many companies offer discounts on plenty of things you can stuff those stockings with.

It’s good to start setting aside some cash to prepare for Christmas.  Some kids will want a ‘big’ gift, when I say big I mean expensive.  Then if you have more than one child it can start getting really expensive.

Start saving.

If you haven’t already started saving then do so now, it can be amazing how much saving you can get done when you plan for Christmas in advance.  Of course, there’s not just the gifts, there’s the food and drink shopping to consider too.

Black Friday

Black Friday in November may seem like a long way off right now but it will arrive and it’s worth planning for Christmas when you know there will be offers sitting waiting for you.

End of season sales

Lots of stores including online will be shifting summer stock ready for autumn and winter so take advantage of their offers.

In the UK Argos always offers £5 gift voucher for a £50 spend and a £10 gift voucher when you spend £100.  Again, this is a great time to make your money go further.

Cashback sites

For those of you that have read my frugal tips before you will be aware that I love using cashback sites for my shopping.  Yes, they can take time to actually send the cash back to you but who’s not to love the features of getting paid to shop?

Just get into the habit of logging into your cashback site and then shopping online via their links, every penny counts after all!!

Here’s my referral link so that you get a bonus £5 added to your account when your account hits £5 it will become £10!!

So, simply sign up to Quidco with your email and password, pop onto their site, search for your retailer or suggested retailers and click onto their site, they do the magic and when you spend you save!

Check your emails

I mentioned this in my first paragraph but it really is worth keeping an eye on your emails as companies randomly let you know about discounts and offer exclusive deals.  Don’t forget to take advantage of their promotions but please do so using quidco or other cashback sites!!