supermarket fresh produce cart save money food shopping

Do you want to save money on food shopping?  Here’s a few tips to help you cut down on your grocery bill.  Some of these you may do already, some will seem really obvious but if you can save money on your food shopping then surely that’s a good thing?

Save money on food shopping tips:

Check your cupboards and work out exactly what you need.

Meal plan, even snacks, drinks, all the details and stick to the list.  Try this free meal planner printable.

Buy loose fruit and veg, check the prices, generally loose veg is cheaper per pound or kilo.

Don’t buy prepackaged chopped fruit and veg, it’s costing you more and it’s a job you can do yourself for free.

Convenience food is convenient but also expensive when you compare it to making your own home cooked food.  You can always cook in bulk and freeze portions, this way you create your own convenience food.

special offer grocery saving tipsDon’t be tempted by all the reduced, short shelf life items unless you need them.  If meat is on offer it’s useful to freeze as this can be an expensive part of your food budget.

Multi offers, check that the offer is worth it, and if so, then stock up as over time this will also save money.

Be mindful of brands, supermarkets own label food products will quite often come from the same factory as the branded food.  Using supermarkets products or unbranded food will save you so much more.

Be mindful if you need a couple of packets of something, see if you can buy it in a larger packet or even bulk.

Consider stock rotation in the supermarket, fresh food at the front will have a shorter shelf life compared to that at the back.  Dig to the back shelf for a longer use by date.

Deal of the day or week.  Check out publications or online offers for deals of the week, this can also help when you are meal planning, here’s a blog post about meal planning.