tyres on the beach

It was a beach trip during a particularly low tide.  We were puzzled to discover so many tyres lying in the sand.  This left me wondering why were there tyres on the beach.

I had never seen anything like it before.  There were over 50 tyres dotted around.

Google, of course, had the answers!

I thought I would share it with you too in case you ever see such a thing on your travels to the seaside, or just to share a useful (or useless) fact with you today!! (and because I’m quite random at times!)

You can see in the picture that Jess is next to a tyre, still filled with water and many more behind her.  The odd tyre you could explain as littering.

Over 50 tyres had to have an explanation!  Thankfully not of an alien nature!

Enterprising fishermen (or women) will be behind the absurd looking beach landscape.

When the tide comes in, so of course does the sealife and when the tide recedes it leaves behind crabs which are caught inside the rims of the tyres leaving rich pickings when the fishermen return to collect their catch.

And that folks, to me is quite interesting, odd and unusual!  No need to thank me for sharing this blog post today!!