We had our first Christmas Eve box this year.  I had heard about it on and off from friends and on social media so decided to give it a go.  The girls knew they would have it after lunch on Christmas Eve and my thought was that it would keep them occupied while I did a few jobs ready for the big day (but instead I napped with Adam and left the girls with Mr P).

christmas eve box wrapped in reindeer paper with foil curly ribbon
Christmas Eve Box.

Santa usually gets the girls onsies for Christmas but Abi had seen these reindeer ones and had fallen in love with them so I ordered them online and pretended not to have got them.  Even that morning I uttered something about needing to pop to the shop before it closes to get a onsie so that it ended up being quite believable that I hadn’t got one!

3 children sat around a wrapped up present for their christmas eve box
Christmas Eve box ready and waiting to be opened by 3 happy bunnies!

Our Christmas Eve Box contained:

Onsies and pajamas, cuddly toy elves, chocolates, lip balm, bath bomb, kids Christmas colouring activities and a DVD.

two girls dressed in reindeer onsies stood infront of a christmas tree
Christmas reindeer onsies were a firm favourite from their Christmas Eve box.

We finished off Christmas eve with a pizza delivery which never happens in our house so it was a real treat and very exciting.  Then it was a bath with the bath bomb followed by hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and of course a plate and glass of milk ready for Santa.