Pizza Challenge, Sunny Buttercups
Jess & Abi attempt the pizza challenge at Sunny Buttercups.

Abi had been asking for several weeks to do a pizza challenge with me.

It sounded a little unappetising but also quite a lot of fun especially after I had seen about a minutes worth of a challenge with her on youtube.  I had a quick look at what surprise toppings we could use at home and then picked up a few extra toppings that were different (and possibly quite wrong and disgusting) for the kids to put on their pizzas.

I hid all the toppings so that the girls didn’t know what they were getting and numbered the bags which were hiding all the tasty ingredients!

I asked the girls at the end of their challenge if they would do it again and of course their answer was……you’ll have to watch the video to the end to find out 🙂

Here’s their pizza challenge:

Ordinarily the kids would eat everything that went on the pizza but just not actually on the pizza.  The majority of us enjoy chocolate and marshmallows but perhaps they are best left for smores not pizzas!

IMG_3027 IMG_3023

Our pizza challenge toppings: chocolate buttons with sprinkles, marshmallows, blueberries, grated cheese, raisins, carrot, cashew nuts, apple sauce, cheese crackers, white chocolate buttons, jaffa cake, sliced mushroom, baby food (strawberry & banana fruit puree).