Seriously excited about Christmas Sunday Snippets this week.  We had the usual outings, playing and craft, most of which was done under the camera radar….. I keep saying it but I need more pictures and videos again!!

It’s a glorious room when the sun shines in through the big sash windows and the two little ‘uns enjoyed lots of play on the rug today.

aerial view of two small children sat playing with blocks
Sunkissed lounge and kids playing, happy days!

I was highly organised this year and managed to book a table at a lovely garden centre not too far from us and we had breakfast with Santa.  They do lovely food in their cafe and it was such a great way to start some of our Christmas festivities by seeing Santa on such a crisp and frozen morning.

a close up picture of autumn leaves covered in white frost
Frosty morning.

We did a little shopping and looking round after our very exciting and tasty breakfast.  Abi got some juggling balls (really nice ones which I’m hoping she will share with me), Jess got a lovely book and Adam got a weebly wobbly squeaky teddy which he loves.

santa at the breakfast table with the kids
Breakfast with Santa.