Not posted on Sunday this time but here’s my snippets from the past week.  The highlights were the Victorian Extravaganza.

My blog has been a little quiet for a few days so, what’s new with me this week?  Well, I have been offline mainly because I had an eye injury. A corneal abrasion or a scratched eyeball along with swelling and a lot of soreness.  I have had to spend over a week wearing sunglasses and not just because I am really cool (haha).  I have had to protect the eye muscles and also really limit screen time so mobile phone, laptop and TV time has been reduced.

I’m glad to say my eye is feeling pretty much better.  You only get one set of eyes and it’s really important to look after them!

Dancer doing the splits
Abi dancing, if you can believe it I used to be able to do this too, many years ago!!!

Last week a home ed group had put together a mini Eisteddfod (Welsh).  It was a gathering of children performing their talents.  Not in competition form like a traditional Eisteddfod but a demonstration of them enjoying themselves dancing, playing drums, singing and playing the piano.  It was a lovely show with artwork, crafts and cake aswell.

Both my girls submitted some artwork and Abi did an amazing dance to David Guetta’s Titanium.  Of course I would say it was amazing as I’m here mum but she was confident, flowing and very flexible with her gymnastics that she added into her performance.

All the kids were fantastic.  It was such a great opportunity for them to perform and we hope that this is now going to be an annual tradition.  At the end of all the performances was a very inspiring guitarist and singer which has made me want to learn to play the guitar even more!

cupcake birthday cake rose bouquet
Made by Abi who is 10, the first birthday cake she has made for me all by herself.

This week also saw my birthday.  Abi had planned to make my birthday cake on her own and I ensured we had all the ingredients and left her to it.  It was a lovely cake and also made my birthday very special.

This weekend was a bank holiday here in the UK and Llandudno had its Victorian Extravaganza.  Roads were closed for fairground rides and stalls, there were steam engines and a parade.  The promenade had Victorian music, rides and Punch and Judy.  There was also a transport festival in fields just before arriving in Llandudno.

I’m really glad I had Adam in the sling to carry around as it was really busy but we struck super lucky with parking the car and had a great time walking around.  The girls went on a couple of rides and we ended the day with an ice cream.