This week for our Sunday Snippets video has seen the start of the Christmas activities.  For a few years we have had an extra advent calendar.  The kids have their chocolate ones but in addition we have a fun one.  Usually I pop them in envelopes but a local store was selling a lovely felt star so that this was the first year we used it.

In the advent calendar are lots of Christmas activities.  For more information please see the advent calendar blog.

small gingerbread house being made at a table
Festive fun building the gingerbread house.

I like it when the girls get excited to do home education first thing in the morning before I expect it.  The kitchen has a huge window where the light floods in so it makes it a beautiful room to sit at the table.

craft gingerbread house being made on a table by a girl with long hair
Jess building a ginger bread house as one of the Christmas Advent Activities.

We got the musical instruments out again, if we have them out every day the kids don’t enjoy them as much so we rotate toys. Adam thoroughly enjoyed discovering the mouth organ.  His face was a little picture of delight so I didn’t edit the clip of him as I just love to watch it.

happy smiling laughing boy in a blue stripy top
Adams delight