We have just celebrated Abi’s 10th birthday.  Goodness knows quite how that happened, I can’t believe she is now 10.  She continues to grow in so many ways, her personality, kindness, beauty and so much more.  In many ways it feels like it was only yesterday when she came into our lives and our love for her has only grown and grown.

A girl sat on the floor with long hair opening a present with tables behind her
Abi’s 10th Birthday

She had a great party at a soft play as well as a mini family party at home and of course birthday cake and presents.  It was hilarious to play some party games as a family and the girls couldn’t stop laughing trying to pass an orange to each other under their chins.

We also played musical statues, musical bumps and with balloons.  It was a great way to work up an appetite for birthday cake.  Abi’s choice of cake this year was chocolate and orange so I baked her a marbled chocolate and orange cake topped with rose frosting and gold pearls.

She loves baking waffles in her new waffle maker and now she has her own hairdryer it saves her pinching mine!


A girl stood on a stoney beach wearing a hat and pink waterproof trousers
A sunny January day on the beach

Our home ed meet at the beach was fun again with marshmallows toasted at the fire pit as well as plenty of discoveries and playing on the beach.