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What blogging means in reality?  Well for me it’s many things, it’s a way to write, to be creative to inspire and to share.

It’s the hope that people like what they see, it’s the hope that people will read, share and comment and maybe click on the odd google ad or affiliate link so that I can maybe fund my tea drinking habit, google ads are a good way to start but oh so annoying, it’s a catch 22 situation for new bloggers!!

It’s a means of being able to work from home.  From my laptop, for me, it’s being able to put my family first and enjoy what I’m doing when I can squeeze in the time.

It’s also about taking 20 photos to just get that one shot.

It’s about deleting 1000 spam comments because my budget is spent elsewhere and not on anti-spam software (yet).

It’s about spending hours designing a logo which saved spending money on a designer.

It’s about working out layouts of the website, the plugins, the functions, the problems, the white screen of death, the issues good and bad.

It’s time-consuming yet enjoyable.

It’s a way to provide for my family but only when people take the time out to read, and share and spread the word.

It’s a way to get noticed amongst the thousands of blogs out there.

It’s a little corner of the internet.

It’s about thinking, editing, scheduling.

It’s the hope that this can work.

It’s a juggle to grab time on my laptop, to be awake enough to type.

It’s about fun.

It’s about watching it grow.

It’s the journey of Sunny Buttercups!  Come along for the ride, share it, be inspired and love it, love life!!

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