Jake Ducey free success hypnosis

I love my positivity journey and Law of Attraction.

I enjoy improving the way I feel.  I’d say I’m reasonably dedicated to this journey.  It’s not so much about pushing away negativity or negative thought patterns.  These negative thoughts are part of life, it would be false to stay positive all the time.

It’s about learning to acknowledge all feelings and letting go of negative ones.  It’s about knowing when to stop beating yourself up and smoothing down the rocky journey into a more pleasant feeling one.

It’s about acknowledging a bad day and intending a better one tomorrow.

It’s about doing something that feels good for you.

I stumbled across Jake Ducey on YouTube last year.  I’ve found him incredibly knowledgeable and I have enjoyed his vlogs.

He offers many things including a free MP3 success hypnosis which is easy to download and it can help to reprogramme your mind.

It is all about mindset, your thoughts attract thoughts and feelings attract feelings, simple Law of Attraction.  There are many positive hypnosis’s available online as there are different videos available for attracting wealth, health, relationships and abundance out there.

If you are searching for a new thing to help you then I would certainly recommend Jake Ducey, he has a fresh positive energy and approach to his work, why not give it a go?

Have a look at Jake Ducey’s free success hypnosis and his YouTube channel.

A great book for learning more about Law of Attraction is Rhonda Bryne’s The Secret.

Another great book is Abraham Hicks, Ask and it is Given.



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  1. Wow. Thank you for this. I just saw you on twitter and love the way you are right about making your thoughts matter.
    I’m going to look at the hypnosis too.
    Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiration.

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