calm plant tips dealing with burnout

Life is busy for most.  When you start finding yourself so busy and feel like you are swimming upstream then take stock as you may be heading for burnout or already be there.  Here’s my 10 tips for dealing with burnout.

Burnout happens after a long period of stress, stress can creep up on us and can be emotionally and physically draining.  Keep looking after yourself.

I’m a mum of 3 and homeschool the kids, I feel sometimes like the running round to groups, playdates, library, rock climbing, gymnastics and clubs can be never-ending.  Then throw into the usual mix of providing the kids with an education, trying to get some me time, writing a shopping list, washing up and keeping track of budgets and dirty clothes as well as all the 3000 other jobs I have can end up tiring me out.

10 Tips for dealing with burnout:

Sunny ButtercupsTake stock.

No, not literally a stock take of your cupboards…. but tune in to how you are feeling, take stock of your energy levels as well as your sanity levels.  Listen to your own body, how you feel physically and mentally and then take appropriate action to feel better and perhaps take some time to yourself.

Sunny Buttercups

Learn to say no.

This can be tricky, it could be anything, little or big but start learning to say no.  No to the pile of ironing, it can wait, no to the babysitting or playdate, no to taking someone to the airport, no to the extra job that you really can’t fit in.

It’s ok to say no sometimes, you need to be realistic and if you say yes does it really benefit you right now?

Sunny Buttercups


Exactly what it states on the tin!  Look after yourself, grab an early night, light some candles and take a relaxing bath.  Exercise, take enjoyment from a hobby, some time just for you, a meditation or perhaps a massage.  Make sure to eat healthily too, fuel the mind and body!

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Can friends take the kids out for a playdate to give you a break?  How about spending time with people you enjoy instead of rushing round in the humdrum of life.  Stop and smell the roses.

The flip side is to assess how some friends make you feel, if they negatively impact you or ask too much of you then take a step back, it’s ok, this comes under self care too!

Sunny Buttercups

New habits, new you.

Take up a new hobby, do something truly for you.  Make your own date night for just your alone time, schedule a new habit.

How about journaling?  Start writing your goals and desires along with positive notes about your life, see where this journey takes you.  Here’s a couple of old blog posts that may help with your journal ‘Setting Goals In Your Journal’ and ‘How To Write A Positive Daily Journal’.

Sunny Buttercups

Switch off electronics

Put down your phone, your laptop, tablet.  Step back from social media and make more time for yourself without pondering on someones perfect photo or cry for help tweet/post.

Pick up a book, immerse yourself in a story instead of the TV.

Sunny Buttercups

Little things.

Stop to drink your tea while it’s hot and look out the window, take a few deep breaths to relax, squeeze in little things that please you as these little things can make a huge difference throughout the day.  I love applying essential lavender oil I have in a roller ball, not all day everyday but just as and when I need it and feel the urge!
Jasmine tea has also been a life saver for me with all of its benefits.

Sunny Buttercups


I really can’t stress the importance of good sleep, diet and exercise.  If you have trouble sleeping then this blog post may help ‘Trouble Sleeping Need Natural Help’

Sunny Buttercups

Be realistic.

If your to do list is never ending and far too long, be realistic, get done what you can and delay where you can.  Delegate too, get help, get a cleaner, get the kids involved in a tidy up or cooking tea, they can love to help and be by your side as well as them obtaining essential life skills, pop the music on while your at it and enjoy the moment!

Sunny Buttercups

Reach out.

If you are really stressed and burnt out then it’s ok to ask for help.  Be it from a friend, or even a helpline or counsellor.  There are people out there to help.



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