stones sunset meditation can being positive really help

Can being positive really help?  I would say certainly, I know for certain that others agree with me.

But why, how and does it have to be positivity all day every day?

We are humans, we experience real life and real life issues, problems, ups and downs and plenty of negativity in our own lives, the lives in the people around us, the media and so on.

But can being positive really help?  The simple answer is yes. 


positive quote life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to itHowever, we can’t go through life without any negativity whatsoever.  If we didn’t experience negative thoughts, feelings and situations then we wouldn’t experience the contrast of life, the good and the bad because out of the bad, the negative situations, this is what inspires us to ask for something better, something to reach for.

It’s about acknowledging the bad, the negative and fear, the anxiety, and the worry but how long you dwell on this should be minimal, accept a bad day, a bad attitude, a bad situation and move on.

Don’t bury bad feelings but smooth them out to a better feeling place.

Always reach for a better feeling place.

My favourite thought of late is if you are in a dark tunnel, do you focus on the darkness or do you smooth out your feelings and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel?

Abraham Hicks said, “you can be, do or have anything you want”.

The universe will always answer YES, a bit like the genie in the lamp, your wish is my command.

If you say ‘but I don’t have enough money’, the universe will say ‘YES’ and you will have not enough money.

If you say ‘but I don’t have enough time’, the universe will say ‘YES’ and you will not have enough time.

If you say ‘but I’m always sickly and in ill health’, then, the universe will say ‘YES’ and you will be sickly and in ill health.

If you say ‘but I always attract the relationship that doesn’t work out or I’m treated badly’, guess what, the universe will say ‘YES’ and continue to bring those things to you.

positive quote choose happinessChange your thoughts, change your feelings.  If you say, I’m grateful for all the money I have, money comes easily and frequently to me, then the universe will say ‘YES’ and, you will have enough money, you will have money come to you frequently and easily.

Don’t quit when the going gets tough.  Everyone has problems, it’s how we deal with them that matters.

For every problem, there is a solution.  Focusing on the problem will bring more problems or make the problem bigger, being grateful for the solution, know and trust that there is a solution, don’t just speak the words, feel them, believe them and the solution will come.

Are you inspired today to smooth out your journey, refocus your attention and see for yourself if being positive can really help?