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Choose happy has been quite a family moto for us.  It evolved from several things some years ago.  There were times I really struggled to reach for positivity.  Through self help, a lot of reading and watching or listening to many, many YouTube videos it has really helped my mindset.

It can be all too easy when being overwhelmed with life that negativity can set in.  It’s all about mindset.

It takes time to work.  It needs you to feel motivated to feel better and to give it a go, don’t give up giving it a try, it’s work in progress if you keep trying to reach for positive feelings.

You have the choice to be overwhelmed and negative but you also have the choice to be happy….. so why not choose happy?

Your thoughts and feelings should not be concerned on past events or what may or may not happen in the future, it’s all about the right here, right now.

I could write for days about this subject but to summarise there is always a better feeling place, it’s just a case of reaching for it.

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Once a habit, making sure your positive feelings are more important you really can choose happy!

If your negative or not so happy thoughts are stopping you from choosing happiness then try stopping thinking about those not so happy thoughts, think something general.  Distract yourself.  Think about something even if it’s random.

Have a look out of the window and see the beauty of what you are seeing, keep distracting yourself by noticing something else then something else.  This won’t make the problem of the unhappy thought disappear and it will return those feelings if you go back to focusing on it.  The point is you are distracting yourself and appreciating seeing great things to find a better feeling place.  There may well become a time during this better feeling place that you change the way you think about your negative issue, who know’s, feeling better could well find a solution and/or help you deal with it all.

What you will have done by distracting yourself and appreciating the beauty is changed your feelings to somewhere better.  Keep at it and see how you do.

bright blue sky with green leafed tree and positive quote of see the beauty and choose happy
Get distracted from your negative thoughts and see the beauty, choose happy!

sunny-buttercups-blog-logoExamples of distraction on your process of choosing happiness:

An example of distraction could be looking out of the window, noticing and appreciating the beautiful clouds, the trees, someone walking by happy in their world and getting on with their day, then notice a car, love the colour I’m sure the driver loves their car.  See a flower and it’s beauty, the way it grows naturally and feel appreciation.  The little girl holding her mums hand and know that her heart is filled with love.  Feel your own heart fill with love for the world and the beauty that you see.  Stand comfortable and appreciate the clothes you are wearing (presuming you are dressed), be glad you have a roof over your head whether it be the ideal one or not, just be glad of where you are.  Carry these thoughts and distractions, keep going and give it a go.  Choose Happy!

Another example:

You could be lying in bed, distract yourself, give it a try, reach for a better feeling place.  Appreciate the soft sheets.  Enjoy the comfort of your bed, the pillow under your head, the sunshine memory you have when it beams through your window, a reminder of joy and how the sunshine gives life to all of nature that grows so naturally outside, imagine a tree in spring and how it fruits and grows green leaves, imagine flowers surrounding the tree and a stream running by, imagine, imagine, imagine…. get those distracting better feeling thoughts and give it a go, keep going and Choose Happy!

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