heart of daisy flowers

Concentrate on your own feelings.  Not what others think of you and not how others think you should act.

Be you.

Be unique.

Stop following the crowd.

Don’t be a sheep.

Just be you.

You have only yourself to answer to.  There should be no battle in your mind concerning what others think of you.  You do not have to act in a certain way to please others.

Just be yourself, that is enough.

If people do not like you then that is their issue, not yours.

Love your life, take steps to improve it.  Take steps to improve the way you feel.  It’s not about smiling all day every day.  It is about thinking of your own mind and your own thoughts and feelings.  It’s about tailoring your thought pattern to see the joy and love in the world as this will naturally bring about better feelings and a better life.

To be positive all the time is not possible but, it is possible to train the way that you think.  Stop searching for the negative in life.

Walk away from negative conversations and negative people.

Make time in your life for those that you love and love having in your life.

Reduce social media as much as possible.  Only an image is created about the perfect life on social media and no one lives that way 100% of the time.  Don’t try to set your expectations to have your life look like that of social media.

Get away from technology as much as possible as it’s mentally draining.  It takes you away from reality.  It takes you away from those that surround you.

Unless you can make a change then switch off the news.  For the most part, the news is more negativity feeding directly to you and most importantly your subconscious mind.

It’s both your thinking mind and your subconscious mind that you really need to be taking care of.

quote, a good laugh is sunshine in the house

Read more.  Dance more.  Love more. Be present more.

Focus on you and what makes you feel happy.  Not what others expect from you.

Watch your life unfold in ways you didn’t expect.

Focus on the sunshine, not the darkness.