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If you have heard of the Law of Attraction then you may well be familiar with the phrase ‘count your blessings’.  Law of attraction is like gravity for your mind and feelings.

Like attracts like.

Put simply, if you think negative thoughts then more negative thoughts and experiences are attracted back to you.  On the flip side, if you think positive thoughts then positive thoughts and experiences are attracted back to you.

Given the choice would you want a good day or a bad day?  I’m assuming here you are after a good day.  So surely it makes sense to start the day feeling good and thinking good thoughts so that the Law of Attraction will bring back to you more good feeling thoughts and experiences?

A great way to do this is to count your blessings.  Put another way, be thankful or be grateful for the small (and big) things in your life.  These alone are positive thoughts.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day, positivity quote
Count your blessings.

Start to count your blessings as soon as you wake up.

A great place to start this is as soon as you wake up.
Be thankful for a good nights sleep (even if it wasn’t the best, be grateful anyway, this is a positivity exercise).

It’s easy to add a ‘but’ on the end of a blessing such as ‘I am grateful for a good nights sleep… but I went to bed late and was disturbed in the night’.  Forget the but, the but adds a negative end onto your gratitude blessing.  Just think about the good parts. Then you may just see that night you actually have a great nights sleep and don’t forget to be grateful for it again by counting your blessings.

So, your first thought was positive and grateful and you have started to count your blessings.

Next step is to carry on counting your blessings.
Think positively, think like attracts like, think Law of Attraction.
Think of your thoughts being like a magnet attracting similar thoughts.

You then need to carry on with this attitude and count your blessings.

These blessings could be simple like being grateful and blessed to wake up warm, in comfort and revitalised to start your day.  Here, you could also add being thankful for a great day, count your blessings as if they have happened and be thankful that you have had a great day.  Then see how your day turns out.

It’s important to feel the gratitude as you count your blessings.

Take it from there, see how your thought patterns change.  Are they more positive?  Did you last beyond breakfast?  If not pick it up again later in the day if you feel that you can.  If not, try again tomorrow when you wake and see how long you can carry on being able to count your blessings.  Keep going on your positivity journey.

Another good place to start is completing a journal before you go to sleep.  You can see more about journalling on this blog post here.  By going to sleep in a good feeling place you can pick up in the good feeling place when you wake up.  I’m not saying that your problems and issues will not be there but start the day well, let your thoughts and feelings magnetically attract positive more thoughts and feelings.


Extended Example to Count Your Blessings:

I am grateful for a great nights sleep.
I am thankful for my comfortable bed.
I am grateful for my shower.
I am blessed to have my home.
I am grateful to be having a great day and feeling great.
I am grateful for my positive thoughts.
I am grateful that I can ………..


Enjoy your positivity journey and enjoy counting your blessings.