two ladies sat gossiping how to deal with judgemental people

People are different, one mould does not fit all.  However what really grates on me is judgemental people.

Anyone who states they are not judgemental I would say everyone is judgemental to an extent, even myself as I feel I judge judgemental people.  What am I trying to say? Well it’s the extreme judgemental people, the people that gather like a coven of witches putting the world to rights, being negative and judgemental as the people they gossip about do not fit their world.

It’s the people who are lambs that hang off the every word of a manipulative judgemental person that comes across as love and light but from an outsiders point you can see the weaving and workings that go on.  You can see judgements being made and the negative comments.

The world is not black and white, we are all individuals.

Live and let live is my motto but the judgemental people really get my back up.  I’ve been scarred badly and so deeply from strong and extreme judgement in my past which is a major factor as to why I can’t stand this kind of behaviour.

close up of feet walking away from judgemental people

I’m more for walking away, stepping in the other direction and not being sucked into the negative discussions.  Who are we to judge someone else?  Why is someones way better than others?

We are all individuals and a lot more respect should be practised.

This is where sometimes events and socialising with people feel like weddings, pleasantries are shared but the underlying negative judgement makes me want to run a mile.  It’s the false smiles and their glaring eyes that make me want to scream.

My life is far from perfect but it’s my life.  I live it the way I see fit.  I let the sunshine in and walk away from the darkness.

If this blog post rings true with you, then don’t feel bad, push aside any guilt of judging the judgemental and walk away.

Don’t sink to their level.  Be strong, be you, stay true to yourself.  Respect yourself and others.  Keep looking for the good and you will see more of the good.

People are not born judgemental, it is how they are made, it’s thought habits.  Be grateful that you are not an extreme judgemental or negative person.

Focus on the people around you that love and support you.

Work out who in your life are actually friends and who are just mere acquaintances as there is a massive difference.  Invite your loved ones into your life and welcome them with open arms as these are the people that really matter.

If you recognise you are an extreme judger then do something about it.  Criticise yourself for a change and make small positive changes to your thoughts, then more and more.  Think about how you could say something different to be more positive and how you could think with more kindness.  Give it a go, you may just feel a lot better about yourself and others.

It’s individuals that can make a positive difference to the world.

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