false positive attitude


Is being positive false?  Is striving to be positive a false positive attitude?


Probably if you are inclined to be negative and not open to a life of more happiness and better feelings.

Should you live your life dwelling on all negativity?

Do you want to live every minute of every day feeling bad feelings and building momentum on bad thoughts?

Everyone will have good and bad in your life.  What matters is how you deal with it.  You can’t ignore bad or negative thoughts.

You can soften your thoughts around the negativity though in an approach to let go of those bad feelings and thoughts.

All thoughts and feelings use law of attraction, the more thought you have the more thoughts and feelings of a similar nature exist in your life.

Lucky for us there is a reset button.  It’s called sleep!  Or meditation.  When we sleep or meditate we rest all those thoughts that are buzzing around in our heads.  We switch off and this is the chance to reset.

It’s about creating thoughts and feelings to reach for a better feeling place.

If you awaken from your sleep or meditation and jump straight onto those negative thoughts then you’ve not really reset yourself.  You’ve just picked up where you left off.

Don’t pick up where you’ve left off.  See how you can start from the very moment you awaken and how long the reset will last.

each morning we are born again what we do today is what matters most buddha text


Be random, be general and build the momentum from there.  Build the momentum of positivity.  Don’t look at your phone, emails, social media or the news for at least an hour.   Give yourself a chance to reset and build up some good feelings that will continue to attract good feelings.

Know and trust with this process.  Try aiming for reaching for good feeling thoughts and see how you do each day.

If you have the chance to crash and burn and take a nap then take the opportunity again upon awakening to reset yourself.

Hit the reset button and let law of attraction help you with your good feelings and thoughts.

Do you prefer:

Clarity or confusion?

Chaos or calm?

Anger or peace?

Gratitude or greif?

Happiness or sadness?

Optimism or pessimism?

Negative or positive?

I know which ones I prefer and which I choose.

That’s to say I know the direction of my life, the journey that I want to take.  I still have bad moments and bad days but as I travel this road I have less and fewer moments and time which I would call bad.

How do I do this, by softening the thoughts around the bad in my life, by reaching for a better feeling thought and progressing from there, letting law of attraction build momentum of good feeling thoughts until a lot of the time I don’t even realise I’m doing it!