Keep trying!  Keep going, try again.  It could be applied to all sorts, a new hobby or skill you are trying, it’s about motivation and when to quit or when not to quit.

Sometimes a little persistence, a little motivation can go a long way, when to try and when to quit. Have a little faith in yourself and others. Be inspired and inspiring. Keep trying, keep going, you’ve got this and more!

I have difficulties in life, I attempt things.  My kids give things a go, gymnastics, crochet, all sorts (especially seeing as I homeschool them).  Friends give something a go.  Family, whoever.

No matter what it is, why not give it another go instead of throwing the towel in?

I’m a mum to 3 kids, each of which I have watched grow from a baby, learn to roll over, crawl and ultimately walk.  I have indeed laughed at them as each of them attempted to walk, fall over, get straight back up and try again, fall, try again, fall, try again.  It was their natural instinct to keep going until it was mastered.

You don’t see a bird building a nest and dropping twigs and fly off thinking ‘stuff that for a game of soldiers, I give up!’, no, indeed you don’t.

Be inspired and proud that you are trying, give yourself a pat on the back for perseverance. Give encouragement, praise, patience and kindness.

No matter how big or small, give it a go, a couple, or more!

You know when something is worth it, you know if you can find it in you to keep trying.

The success at the end is fabulous, it’s an achievement, you have your goal!!

So, if this helps to motivate just one of you, then great, keep trying and moving and getting on, and here’s a well done from me while you’re at it!!