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I still research, read, listen and actively look at the world of positivity, self-improvement and mindfulness.

This week I have realised that as you progress in your journey of positivity that the people that surround you change too.  It’s a natural progression and you attract people of similar interests and similar energy.

Of course, you cannot dismiss (well actually, you can to an extent or even all together) family, work colleagues, people who are negative, judgemental, or don’t fit with your ethos of life or family.  It can happen quite naturally without you even realising.

Take a moment to think about how you are feeling, who surrounds you and how you feel about them and how they make you feel.

“Love yourself and love your life.”

It’s not about fitting in or doing things to please others.  It’s about learning to love yourself, love your life and move onwards as your journey takes you to places and to people that you didn’t know you wanted or needed in your life.

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Personally, I’ve never been a crowd pleaser, I’d say I’m a reasonable people person and can be far too brutally honest for my own good at times but I take people at face value.  I look for the good in people, usually, without trying to see the good, it’s just my natural brain pattern now.  I like people who smile and people I enjoy spending time with.  Throughout the years’ friends come and go, some stay around, some are distanced and some are no longer.

Make sure that people don’t drag you down.  Why sacrifice your own feelings and your own positive journey for those that either don’t respect it or you or can’t or won’t change their mindset to realise that life can be beautiful and that both they and you can be happy in life.

“Be the inspirer, the uplifter, the person with presence.”

It’s important who you spend time with.  It’s important to feel good, speak from the heart and become natural at feeling good and watch who then surrounds you!