look for the good in people positive quote law of attraction

It’s all about positive mindset.  It’s all about you feeling good.  It can also help to look for the good in people.  What do I mean by this?  Keep reading and you may find it resonates with you and makes sense especially when you see results.

Are you just embarking on your positivity journey?  Are you new to the whole positive mental attitude but prepared to give it a go?

Scepticism may hinder you.  Go into positivity with an open mind and see what results you can accomplish.  Start with little changes and then these little changes soon mount up to a happier life for you.  Only you are in charge of your feelings so make them count and be positive.

Perhaps you’re into your positive journey and had a hiccup or need a reminder or a little nudge back onto the positive path.

In our busy lives with so much to do and so many people seemingly affecting our moods, feelings, emotions it can all feel too much at times.

Today’s positivity blog post is all about how we see others.  It’s natural to think that others behaviour makes us frustrated, angry or upset but ultimately it’s you that is in control of your feelings and no-one else.

It can be hard to take a step back from the mayhem of life. 

Take a breath, take a few breaths.  See about using mindfulness about being and feeling in the now.  There’s a post on my positivity posts section about Mindfulness Tips For Beginners if you want to read more.

look for the good in people positive law of attraction text

Look for the good in people.

It takes practise but keep practising and you will notice more of the good come through.

Do you live with someone who is bad tempered?  Lazy?  Irritating?

Do you work with someone or people who annoy you and bring out your frustrations?

Are your children no longer in your control, disruptive, moody?

It’s not actually about control. You can control your feelings, they can control their feelings.

As for annoyance and frustrations, these are negative feelings which we are trying to replace with positive feelings.  They are your feelings and yours alone, yours to deal with and improve upon.  Perhaps it’s time for tough love for yourself and see others with love, see yourself with love.


You can’t suddenly go from being frustrated to feeling on top of the world but you can move up the emotional scale and find a better feeling place and then keep on finding a better feeling place.  (see Choose Happy, Happiness is Key for more on better feeling places).

Remind yourself of the good qualities of the people around you.

Feel good feelings yourself as you think of the good qualities and great qualities in others.

Throughout your day feel grateful for the good qualities of those around you.  Be thankful for their good behaviour and thoughtfulness.

Sunny ButtercupsWhy? 

Because of simple Law of Attraction, like attracts like.  Think like a magnet.  What do you want to attract, what do you want to see, and how do you want to feel?

Seeing the positive, seeing the good qualities, happiness and the fun in people will bring more of the great qualities for you to see.  It really is that simple.  Just look for the good in people and you will see more of the good in people.

Try it.  Keep trying it.  Try not to forget about how great it feels to feel great and how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people with great qualities.