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Mindfulness is seen on the internet, heard in TV programmes and talked about a lot.  It’s so much more popular these days to think about mindfulness.  I thought as part of my Friday Positivity post I would bring to you mindfulness tips for beginners.

Mindfulness is a practice of awareness.  It’s a technique for learning to become more aware of:
•  Your thoughts
•  Your emotions
•  Your body
•  Your impulses and urges
•  The world around you

Mindfulness makes you more in tune with your thoughts and feelings.  Based on hundreds of years of study in Eastern traditions it has been proven to reduce symptoms of low mood, stress, anxiety and depression.  It’s a psychological and behavioural philosophy.

Mindfulness Tips for Beginners:

•  Be open minded to mindfulness as it will reacquaint you with yourself so that you can better deal with tough times and fully enjoy the good times.

•  Acknowledge your moods and thoughts that will pass, as transient ‘events’ that come and go.

•  Accept your moods and thoughts so that they do not define who you are and that they don’t have to dictate what you do.

•  Live in the present moment taking notice of what’s happening around you and in your own head.

•  Use mindfulness to stop knee-jerk reactions to events so as to make you calmer, happier and more content.

•  Take a couple of minutes to notice your breathing pattern.  Feel the rise and fall of your belly and sense the flow of breath.

•  Tune into your senses, feel the wind or sun on your face.  Notice how good the food tastes, what colour it is and texture.

•  Allow yourself to ‘simply be’. You don’t have to fill every moment with action or doing.  Switch off your mind for a little while and when it wanders return it to thinking about your breath.

•  Thoughts are simply thoughts, you do not always have to react upon them.

•  Notice when you zone out for instance when you are driving, cooking, watching TV.  Bring yourself back to mindfulness and be more aware of your activity.


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