3 simple steps to help your positivity.  It’s as simple as ABC.  It’s all about choice.  I love using positivity tricks and tips to help get on track and stay on my positive journey.

Life can be challenging and not all plain sailing.  Then there is the negativity that surrounds us in the news and other people’s lives and their stories.

Make how you feel count.

Positivity tricks and tips:

Choose your thoughts.

Choose how you react.

Choose how you feel.

Think ABC:

A – Awareness.

Just be aware of the negativity.  Don’t dwell on it, don’t feed it.  Don’t give into the negativity.
Don’t let those negative thoughts start attracting other negative thoughts giving it a snowball effect.
Be aware of your thoughts and feelings, choose to find a better feeling place.

B – Breathe.

Take a breath.
Concentrate on calming your breathing.  Feel your belly rise and fall as you inhale and exhale.  Distract your thoughts with thinking about your breathing.

C – Choice.

You have a choice on how you feel.  Choose your way through your feelings.  Aim for better feeling thoughts and better feeling feelings.

Sunny Buttercups

Repeat your ABC’s as often as you can, as often as is necessary and you will be building a better and more positive way of dealing with life and being happier.

The more you practise positivity the more easily it will happen.

The more you are aware of your thoughts and feelings the more choices you have to shift your mindset.

Try different positivity help at different times.  What may help you today may be less helpful on other days.  Be armed with plenty of positivity tricks and tips.