Perhaps you have stumbled across this post for a reason.

Perhaps you are a follower of my blog and interested in the Law of Attraction.

I do write about positivity and law of attraction.  Start your brain thinking in a different way.  Make this a journey of self-discovery, a journey to new feelings and new beginnings.

This is the first movie and indeed the first true introduction to the Law of Attraction I discovered several years ago.

Make time to watch this, it could just be what you need.  It’s an hour and a half, sit back, relax and see how uplifted you feel at the end of watching this.  I find I watch this about once a year but perhaps now, I need to watch it a little more.

Thoughts become things.

Every thought has a frequency.

Make that frequency count to attract what you desire.

If this feels like a huge step then start small.  Make it your desire to feel good when you wake up, if it lasts until you are out of bed then make it last a bit longer.  Aim for feeling good til breakfast, then lunch and keep going as long as you can.

Small steps to feeling good and living the life you want.

Rhonda Byrne also has several books available.

I have a lovely hardback copy of The Secret.



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