Thankful diary for tips for keeping a gratitude journal

Law of attraction and building your positivity is becoming more talked about, more popular and the benefits are really helping people.

A wonderful friend of mine gave me a pretty thankful diary so that I can use it as a gratitude journal.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on a specific gratitude journal, a note book is fine but do take the time and energy to complete it.

A gratitude journal is a simple act of writing down things that we are grateful for.

Benefits of gratitude include increased joy and happiness among adults and kids alike, better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness and much more.

Tips for keeping a gratitude journal:

•  Aim to write 3 to 5 things you are grateful for at the end of each day.

•  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss days of journalling.  It could be that only writing in your gratitude journal a couple of times a week induces more feelings of gratitude in you.

•  Ask yourself questions to help such as ‘what inspired me today?’, ‘what made my heart sing?’, ‘what made me smile?’.

•  Start simple if you are struggling or perhaps starting practicing gratitude.  Be grateful for the sun, where you live, your friends, your family, a smile, a kind word.

•  Build from simple gratitude to become more flowing and more natural to have gratitude in your life.

•  Be grateful to be keeping building your positivity and building your gratitude journal.

•  Go deeper and describe your gratitude for a particular thing if you feel you want to write more.  There is certainly no harm and this can carry more benefits.

•  Enjoy surprises as an unexpected gratitude can bear more weight and elicit stronger feelings of gratitude.

•  Remember this is your journal, your journey.  There is no right or wrong way, just a grateful way.

Sunny Buttercups

Writing a gratitude journal is a way of forcing ourselves to be more aware, more conscious of what we are focusing on.

Take time to be especially aware of the depth of feelings of your gratitude.

Events surrounding you and your experiences can be put into context and create meaning in your life.

If you are inspired to purchase a gratitude journal there are many available.  Here’s another one I particularly like from Amazon:

Enjoy your positivity journey.  Build on your strengths and choose to be happy.

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