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Trouble sleeping need natural help, then keep reading.  Do you struggle sleeping or getting to sleep?  What is your quality of sleep like?

I go through periods of struggling to get to sleep.  Usually it’s because I can’t switch off my brain and have too many thoughts buzzing round.  I also find that the quality of my sleep sometimes needs much improvement to get that well rested ‘I’ve had a great nights sleep’ feeling.

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CLICK THE IMAGE For this YouTube affirmation video, it helps me get to sleep and have a deep, restful nights sleep too.

Your body will only sleep when you are fully relaxed.  Having reached that fully relaxed state you can then fall asleep.  I regularly meditate and having practised meditation for some years now I find it easy to quiet my mind. If you are new to meditation it really is easy, why not give it a go?

I do all sorts of meditations on YouTube, short positive meditations, releasing negativity, releasing fear and also sleep meditations along with other meditations and positive videos.  It’s great during the day if my laptop is on to just have a waterfall sound in the background with some positive or motivational subliminal messages.  It benefits myself and others in the room too.


Relaxation meditations.
Positive Meditations or affirmations.
Binaural beats.
Videos containing subliminal messages.
Sounds of nature.
Classical music.
Law of attraction affirmations.
Gratitude affirmations.

If you are sceptical about listening to subliminal messages I would say to put your scepticism aside and enjoy the experience.  I found a fantastic YouTube channel where some of the videos have sounds of nature which in themselves are beneficial to listen to, as is classical music.  There are a variety of topics including my favourites being positivity, happiness and of course sleep.  There are subliminal videos, affirmation videos as well as short hypnotic videos.

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Other videos cover weight loss, pain relief, gambling, self harm, confidence, anxiety, depression, concentration and focus, motivation, relaxation, fun and so much more.

Of course, other help for relaxation and sleep would be lavender essential oils or perhaps a scented pillow of lavender and hops.


These opinions for TROUBLE SLEEPING NEED NATURAL HELP are my own, I have not been paid for this post and I have no connection with my recommended YouTuber Thomas Hall.