Your Ideal Life Meditation

meditation, goal setting, create your life

I came across this meditation that I just had to share with you. It’s an easy listen and, I suggest doing it daily. You’ll find this your ideal life meditation follows the Law of Attraction and helps you with goal setting visualisation.

I’ve been listening to this daily and for me personally I’ve noticed that I’ve taken the pressures of life off my shoulders. I’m happier and have a better knowing and excitement for what my future holds.

The first time I listened to this I will admit, I cried, it was unexpected, it was a release of emotion and it certainly made me feel relief and helped me to feel a little bit better and that was just after the first time. Since then, I have got Mr P listening to it and also suggested it to a couple of friends.

If you’re familiar with meditations then why not give this one a go?

If you new to meditations then don’t freak out, go with the flow, perhaps you’re reading this was meant to give you the nudge and branch out into listening to something that may be of great benefit to you.

Make listening to positivity a habit. Change you days, change your ways and change your life.

This is not in any way sponsored, I have no relationship with this and all points of view are my own.