be kind always

I’ve had a great day with great friends, the kids played nicely all day, I chatted, I laughed, there were plenty of smiles and I came home around teatime feeling quite tired and didn’t even want to put the pile of washing on which sat in front of my washing machine, that kind of tired.  The kind of tired where it’s egg and toast for tea for the kids.  Then, I saw something that made me think, people should be kind, always!

I saw a car abandoned in the road, the drivers door still open, a father holding what looked like a sleeping toddler in his arms whilst he was on the phone.

I quickly finished cooking the kids teas (literally minutes, hey, it was only toast and eggs!) and he was still there.

How long he had been there I was unsure.

What I did know is that no-one had stopped to help.

I put my shoes on and went to help, there are times for kindness and there are times for help.  This was certainly a situation I couldn’t walk away from.

I approached him thinking maybe his car had broken down, or that there had been some sort of accident.  As a mum of 3, I didn’t want to see a toddler and father distressed so as my human kindness kicked in I was prepared to offer my help.

His 2 year old boy had suffered a fit, he was waiting for an ambulance.

That in itself broke my heart, I wasn’t expecting that, nor do I think his father had expected it either.  I offered to move the car which he agreed.  Upon opening the door there was a gorgeous dog, very friendly so I said hello to it, assessed it’s friendliness and confirmed said friendliness with the owner and went ahead and moved the car into a parking space.

Now I’m tall, but this driver was much taller, I popped the car into the parking space and went back to him still holding the small limp child in his arms.  He explained he had been waiting for around half an hour for the ambulance.

I know toddlers after a while can get heavy, so I offered to hold the little boy.  The father seemed relieved for a little help.  I’m not suggesting he wasn’t coping at all, he looked strong and in control yet I imagined he was in shock and upset as any parent would be in a situation like this.

I gently swayed with him in my arms, a sang a lullaby I sing to my children, the boy seemed calm, a little upset but he seemed to be doing okay.

I offered to look after the dog as the gentleman made the decision to cancel the ambulance and take the little boy directly to the hospital himself.

I presumed and, kind of hoped I didn’t look like some crazy person being nosy, I hoped that my kindness and help appeared genuine, because my kindness, concern and help were genuine.  After all, I was a complete stranger to them all!  But I was prepared to help, I was prepared to stop and offer my assistance.

I was willing to be kind to a stranger.

A couple arrived, perhaps related, perhaps friends that are like relations.  They took the dog and the boy was taken to the hospital.

How many people drove past this situation?  How many people ignore a car abandoned in the middle of the road?

A little kindness goes a long way.

Don’t always be a stranger.

One day you might need the help of another, your family might need the help of another.  I’m sure in this situation he would have been fine dealing with it on his own, but kindness can go a long way.

Be kind, always.

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